Tuesday, April 22, 2008

System of Our Framing Hands

In investigating the bubble as a frame and the round nature of our existence I wanted to capture what it truly means to apply this system of framing to our everyday lives. It was then that I came across a single picture that changed the direction of my thinking altogether. It was a photo of someone holding a bubble containing the image of nature. This was my Ah Ha moment!

In our hands is where we frame the context our our lives and our existence. It is in the natural curves and shape of our hands that we mold not only our lives, but also the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and so on, and so forth. Our hands themselves are framed, thus everything we are, touch, see, hear, and sense is essentially framed by something else.

The bubble we live in is relative to how we perceive it. This makes our senses more important, because the hands referred to in this piece works metaphorically. How ever the interpreter perceives the world becomes the frame for which they interpret the world. For instance, let's take into account the perception of someone with an amputated arm. Though the content is the same, it maybe interpreted differently by someone with a disability. Frame takes on a whole new bubble than that of someone who seems perfectly normal (whatever that is).

After careful consideration, I have composed a short video accompanied by a poem by Raymond A. Foss. I have entitled it the hands project.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome to Limited Spork

As an idea for a meaningful project, I wanted to explore what I refer to as the bubble.  The bubble is the framework in which we live our lives.  Everyone lives and operates in a bubble of some kind, so all together our world is comprised of a system of bubbles that intersect and collide as we interact with one another.  My project, though ever changing, seeks to explore and understand this way we live in this world which is every much a master bubble itself.

In my experimentations to make the world a rounder place, I have come up with the Limited Spork Theory.  It operates in the basis of spherical nature of our universe.  It does not negate the need for straight lines, but rather awakens the awareness of the curves that life has thrown us.  Subconsciously we think and dream in 3-D.  It is only in our tactile world do we default to a 2-D standard of communicating and expression.  

This is one way one looking at Limited Spork.  However, you can also take on this approach. 

Everything is relative.
Everything takes up space.
Everything has shape.

Nothing is really 2-dimensional.
Nothing is without a place.

There is no such thing as flat.
It's just an adjective.

No matter what the frame, we feel in the bubble.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reading & Class Notes

I tried to scan the images from my notebook to post on this blog to give you all a little bit of insight into what goes on in this wacky brain of mine, but my scanner did not like that idea. So, I decided to just type them the way they are and hopefully you'll get the idea!

Give me Some Space

It is quite interesting what can be done with space when the opportunity is presented. But, who says we must default to any particular standard of page spacing? Fischer does a good job of illustrating how limiting the print page can be. In the poems that start on page 723, lines and stanzas effect the time perceived by the reader. Lines and stanzas are not so fixed in time. Though there is a sense of time, the reader is not constrained or confined by it. The sense of time is left to the reader to interpret.

Spacing and time also illustrated in the movement of stanzas. The falling, slipping, or running in to stanzas could be due to the content or some other occurence unknown by looking at the page. Movement may not be relative to page limitations, thus stanzas may be capable of constant movement.

It looks different and reads differently leaving it's interpretation totally up to the reader. It does not require anything from the reader, nor does it illicit a clear response. The reader constructs what he or she wants of the text.

Due to the ambiguity of space between stanzas time also seems to be ambiguous. 3X111 Tristychs numbers the stanzas, yet again leaving it to the reader to discern for themselves what significance if any the numbering will have. The numbers could be a means of measurement, it could be parts of a whole, or it could mean absolutely nothing at all (though I highly doubt this). Nevertheless, the default form of spacing between stanzas allows the reader to read this poem as they would any other and even to treat the numbering as part of creative expression.

Space does not have to hinder artistic creativity, but rather adds to the definition of it's meaning. In "Blanco", space operates inside the poem and works differently in different places of the poem. In this poem it functions as a pause, much like you would if you reached the end of a line and helps the reader navigate through the text. So, in some ways it guides the reader in constructing the text, yet it may be left entirely up to the reader to construct the significance of the text or the spacing within the text.

The poem also changes form a few times. Paz opens this text up for even more views of interpretation by doing this. All excellent uses of space and how it can work to form interpretations.


At first glance, I related the image on page 30 of Supervision to the stanza 14. of 3x111 Tristychs due to the colors of yellow relating to the chick inside the white egg and the streaks of blue representing the blue song.  After thinking more about the imagery I became stuck on the image on page 81.  It is a photo of the leaves of dahlia plant opening or closing as a response to the plant's moisture.  After a while I became fixated on it, because just like the yellow chick, in the white egg, singing a blue song it represents life.  The layers surround the object to be protected within it's folds.  Each entity is enfolded within another.  

the white egg
the yellow chick
the blue song

Each part has a layer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this round thing again

this concept of roundness and circles keeps coming back to me and i guess it just will not leave until i get it's message out, so here goes.

i have been toying with the idea that everything in life starts from or as a circle or sphere-like ball and there is always a continuation or extension of of that being. for instance, the chair you are sitting in becomes an extension of you once you sit in it. something like that!

in the glorious wonder of planet earth you will see these continuations and extensions manifest.

In examining this sphere morph inside out, my investigations are a bit more clear.

Take a moment to ponder these questions.

Are circles and spheres are eternal?
Where is he point of origin?
Does it still exist, even when it is not visible?
At what point is the circle no longer a circle and the sphere no longer a sphere?
Does the circle/sphere take on another form?
How do circles/spheres work in the systems of your life?
In the frame of the sphere are you limited or liberated?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

pop UP!!!

our lives are like open books
pop UP books!

but who says pop up books are just for kids?
there is a certain fascination that comes with something 3-D
coming from a page that is 2-D that just does not stop 
when you grow up.

the extension of one thing from something else (especially inanimate)
always awakens the senses

it is almost as if the page becomes alive with motion
because it does
it is amazing to think that motion can come from one fold
then another
then another
then another
until it comes alive 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Sauce!

in some way shape or form our creations are always evolving whether we alter them or not it is the paradox of interpretation being the original creator of the previous posts i have analyzed them to see how or what can be added deleted or changed and i realized that the previous posts and a great deal of my writings are like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle once i become estranged from the project and come back to it i have a whole new perspective the image completely changes the project looks totally different than when i left it thus altering it can either become easier or more difficult

my perfect 

you are my baby
my star
could one be more perfect that you

is there something i can add, maybe
so far
what more could i do

sometimes change is good baby
i like you the way you are
after some careful review

i'll try to just remove your gloss
but i promise to give you extra sauce!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sphere of life

As I learn and grow in an environment that is conducive and encouraging for my creativity I am also learning how to channel my thoughts into a concentrated evolution of processes.  It is somewhat like that task of trying to illustrate the whole universe in a short story book.

All things inherently beautiful to me have
unclear lines
natural flow
elegance in simplicity

Once you start to think inside the box of traditional framing
you begin to see the sphere of life
you appreciate its curves
you see no boundaries
boundaries are illusions because the world is limitless
you see the fullness of everything around
no more being boxed up, freedom
Life starts again, fresh with new ideas & new perceptions
   Now if we could only break the bubble that we live 
oh what a world.
This bubble is yet another barrier for which life is 
Sometimes we're trying to burst bubbles within 
bubbles within bubbles 
breaking free to live that dream we dream every night
     I wouldn't mind staying in my bubble 
There is a whole world inside my bubble with cities & towns
Maybe you should come inside my bubble and I into yours
Our bubbles could intertwine as if to create a mega bubble 
you need not be able to see
you need not be able to hear
just feel and imagine the possibilities